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"This is Me" Portrait Experience

* We will call within 24 hours to schedule date after your purchase! (If a date can not be decided on we will refund Retainer)
**Retainer is NON-REFUNDABLE, NON-TRANSFERABLE & is *SEPARATE* from package options listed below.
*** Time slots will be made Monday - Friday.
**** Weekend time slots are limited. Please Contact Suzanne Claire prior to booking.
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Are you ready to celebrate who you are and capture your unique beauty? The "This is Me" photoshoot experience is designed to help you feel confident, empowered, and proud of yourself. Let us guide you through the process, from the initial phone consultation to the final photo reveal session. You'll leave with stunning images that showcase your true self and tell your story.

What does women's empowerment mean to you? What is your why? Who are you? What makes you get up everyday?

The "This is Me" Portrait Experience Includes:

-Feel like a Model for a day!
-Styling Consultation.
-Dress up in your finest outfit or dress down in jeans and t-shirt, oversized sweater or maybe get undressed and wrap yourself in a satin sheet or wear your favorite piece of lingerie. Any combo of outfits you come up with! Its your choice... Up to 3 outfits.
-Hair and Makeup Transformation.
-Fully Guided Photoshoot with Professional Photographer, Suzanne Claire.
-Your favorite style music playing on Bose sound system to get your groove on.
-View your gallery of images with our large screen and projector, while you sip on Prosecco and enjoy a little Godiva.
-You’ll pick your (This is ME Image) and receive it as a 8x10 Matted Print with Matching Digital Image:
-You will have an opportunity to purchase additional item if you wish. You only purchase the photos that you love. If you choose to upgrade to a collection, we offer Luxury Folio Boxes, Albums, Digital Images, Gift Prints, or Wall Art. (starting at $695).
-Feature in the “This is Me” Magazine: YOU ARE THE FIRE By Suzanne Claire
-Invitation for you and a friend to the “This is Me” Exhibit and champagne party!

Inspire other women!

The "THIS IS ME" project is about all types of women. Who are you? I want to capture your unique beauty? The 'This is Me' photoshoot experience is designed to help you feel confident, empowered, and proud of yourself. I want to create stunning images that showcase your true self and tell the story about you. Maybe you are Celebrating a Milestone or Overcoming a Difficult Situation or
Celebrate Reaching a Goal. These pictures and an article about each women will be in a magazine that I will be creating about women empowerment. It will feature your “This is Me” shot and your story! Celebrate with you and a friend at the “This is Me” Exhibit and champagne party! (if you prefer we can keep your image and story private.) You are welcome to still come and enjoy the event. This is all about you and what makes you happy!

These questions will tell your story!

1) Your presence is what fills the room when you walk in; it’s the feeling that overcomes a crowd when you walk onto the stage. It’s your posture, your style, the energy that emanates from your body. A presence can be felt without a word being spoken. In three words, can you describe your presence?

2) Your purpose is your “why.” It’s the mission statement that drives every word from your mouth. Without a sense of purpose, your words will lack cohesion and will ultimately fall flat. So it’s crucial to find your “why"! What is your why?

3)Those who dreamed big and seen those dreams come true...
People who fell in love and lost and loved again...
What has been your journey in life?
Did you have Trials or Triumphs?

4)Think about what motivates you? What inspires you? Tell me what make you feel alive, what your passion is?

I want to tell your stories if you are willing to share them that will be your choice...


Please Note:
* Minimum package investment is $695 due at session
* In-house payment plans available
* Quick FEE payment plans available
* Cash discount (5%) for cash brought to photoshoot
* All major credit cards and PayPal credit accepted